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The Dorson Story

Dorson Home Care was founded by Sonia Scott in 1988. Providing families with compassionate, personalized care has always been at the core of Scott’s mission. As a result, the Dorson brand has become synonymous with providing home health care services and educational training that both families and communities can trust.

Our approach to home healthcare is collaborative. We work closely with our client/patient, their family, and their physician(s) to develop personalized care plans that best suit their needs. We also work to match client/patient with the most suitable caregiver  to  ensure cultural and language compatibility between the patient, family, and Dorson Home Care employee.

We are committed to keeping your family and loved ones safe. Dorson Home Care understands that trust and compassion must be the foundation of every relationship we establish. Some of our employees are graduates of our affiliate Dorson Vocational Training Institute. Caregivers who are not graduates from our Affiliated Vocational School are screened through a more rigorous application process before they are hired.  


Dorson Home Care is fully accredited by the Commissioner of Accreditation for Home Care (CAHC), Skilled Services for Personal Care Services (PCS) and In-Home Skilled Nursing (IHSN) services.  We provide you with valuable services such as:


Our compassionate team is composed of certified home health aides, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), baby nurses (doulas), and Registered Nurses (RN) who are under the rigorous supervision of our Field Nurse Supervisor. All of our home health care team members regularly undergo training, observation, and re-certification. This ensures that families can continue trusting the high quality, compassionate care that Dorson Home Care and its employees deliver.

Our most recent addition includes Dorson Baby Care which provides mothers and families with in-home support and newborn care post childbirth.

Our home health care service area includes: 

  • Bergen

  • Essex 

  • Hudson 

  • Middlesex

  • Morris 

  • Passaic 

  • Somerset  


Dorson Home Care, Inc. is fully licensed by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and is accredited by PCS & Skilled Services. To learn more about the home care services Dorson provides, please call our West Orange, NJ office at 973.672.7691 or email us.

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