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"Skilled Care" Services

Little girl getting physical therapy treatment from doctor
Physical Therapy Association of Georgia

One misconception of home care services is that they are solely for the care of the elderly. While many of the services offered are geared toward seniors, there are services for children, for the injured, for post-surgery needs, expecting mothers and their babies . Home care services are for people of varying needs and ages.

What is Skilled Care Nursing?

"Skilled Care" refers to members of the medical field who are highly trained and have high-level certifications in the field of medicine. These professionals are usually registered nurses, speech, occupational and physical therapists. Skilled care nurses serve people with cardiac, diabetic, pediatric needs and many other physical ailments. These nurses can provide treatment to patients who only require short-term care. Usually, these patients are recovering from an injury, from surgery or from an illness. On the other end of the spectrum, skilled care nurses can provide services to patients who suffer from chronic illnesses and those who are in dire need of around-the-clock care.

Visiting Nurse Services

Some patients require more care and attention than others. Consequently, the type of care that a professional administers is tailored to the need of the patients. Some patients' needs involve the monitoring of vitals and medical equipment. With that comes the requirement for professionals who can visit the homes of patients.

Other clients only need to be monitored minimally . Someone who had surgery on her knee and needs physical therapy to regain full-motion and strength in the knee can be considered a patient who is not in dire need of attention. Physical therapy demands little attention and monitoring compared to other services. For example, a patient suffering from a chronic illness is more demanding than the aforementioned. This and other types of care can be provided by visiting skilled care nurses.

Moreover, there are elders in need of different kinds of care. For seniors who are in Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), there is constant support and a staff that tends to the well-being of residents. These facilities provide security, personal care and medical care, but they do not cater to the needs of ailing seniors. In these cases, skilled care nursing is needed and can be provided. Home care agencies like Dorson Home Care provide these skilled care services to clients at home and in facilities like ALFs.

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