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5 Reasons to Get a Birth Doula

Pregnant woman  in bed with her doula during labor

Many expecting and first-time mothers bare the concerns associated with child birth and the events that lead up to delivery. Anticipating all that will happen during labor and delivery is next to impossible. We cannot predict the length of delivery. We cannot determine how the expectant mother will react to the pain. With all this is mind, it is easy to see why a mother-to-be would be apprehensive. To alleviate all these concerns, a birth doula can be helpful. There are many advantages to having a birth doula. Here are five:

1. Offer Knowledgeable Support

Having a doula present and engaged is like having an encyclopedia. Though, doulas are not medical professionals, they have extensive knowledge about labor, pregnancy and the needs of an expecting mother. A good doula can help you become prepared for the arrival of your baby. This preparation includes the birth and delivery plan, whether home birth or hospital delivery; planning how to get to the hospital, if necessary; and offering input on what you will need to get through this naturally stressful period.

2. Doula Help Alleviate Stress

It is unquestionable that pregnancy and labor can be intense and overwhelmingly stressful for all parties involved. The excess in hormones and the changes coupled with those hormones are enough to make things challenging. That considered, the last thing any pregnant woman needs is stress. Doulas are very helpful in alleviating stress from both the mind and body. Just the simple notion that someone is there to answer the small questions about what to expect and the best practices about labor and delivery can ease your stress.

Woman and doula holding newly born baby

3. Aid During Labor

Some women go through labor longer than others. Faced with the burden of childbirth, it helps to not underestimate the benefits of having support through this process. Research confirms that women who have the support of someone like a doula have noticeably shorter labors, experience less stress, take less medication and have fewer c-sections than those who do not. Consequently, Doulas are highly recommended for women who want to give birth without medication. Beyond the science of having a doula, the simple acts performed by a doula goes a long way. Doulas give massages when your aches and pains are unbearable. A doula will hold your hand and perform breathing exercises with you when necessary. Simple as it may seem, these acts are invaluable to many mothers-to-be.

4. Emotional Support

Child birth and pregnancy on the surface seem to only require physical support and only concern the body. However, the mental and emotional health of an expecting mother, too, is consequential. A lot of times mothers feel as though they are going through the experience on their own, and just having someone there for her and her growing child is support enough. It is good for you to have a doula to pacify your fears, offer you emotional support and reduce whatever stress that a you may experience.

5. Make the Experience More Worthwhile For Fathers-To-Be

With all this baby and pregnancy talk, it is easy to forget about fathers. Fathers are very much a part of the experience and should be involved in the process as well. It is important to note that doulas do not replace the father, a doula makes labor and delivery more bearable for both parents. A doula might teach fathers how to perform stress-relieving techniques or breathing exercises. Additionally, the doula might take the pressure off fathers who cannot be too involved because of the needs of older kids or toddlers. Put simply, a doula is not just for an expecting mother.

There is an abundance of benefits of having a doula during pregnancy and birth. The need and demand of doulas are growing and it is important for you to consider all the benefits of having a doula during such a difficult time in your life.

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