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Elder Care

We understand the growing concerns of families whose aging parent or loved one has become ill, frail, or disabled. The realization that a parent may require assistance, whether due to declining physical and/or mental health can be overwhelming.


Dorson Elder Care provides a compassionate support system that can guide both individuals and their families through this difficult time. We can help you understand and access the resources available to you and your family.

The aging process presents many challenges both for the aging adult and for their families.  Older persons may experience multiple losses, social isolation, financial pressures and difficulties in managing activities of daily life. These factors, and others, can impact the psyche of older adults, affecting both their ability to function and their overall well-being.


Dorson Elder Care has  experienced and compassionate team members who provide services to help the elderly and their families, easing the family’s burden of care giving. We strive to provide our clients with a supportive care plan that promotes the independence and autonomy of each individual. We also work closely with the older adult and their family so that both parties can develop an understanding and ability to deal with issues relating to aging.


Dorson Elder Care and our compassionate team provide an extensive and sensitive evaluation of needs, which include: 

  • Mental/emotional well-being 

  • Current living arrangements

  • Relationships

  • Physical limitations

  • Financial status


Across our home care, health plan, private care, and hospice programs, Dorson Elder Care has the range of services to treat our patients at home, in nursing homes, through community programs, and at in-patient facilities.



Our Elder Care service area includes: 

  • Bergen, 

  • Essex 

  • Hudson 

  • Middlesex

  • Morris 

  • Passaic 

  • Somerset  



Dorson Home Care, Inc. is fully licensed by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and is accredited by PCS & Skilled Services. To learn more about the dementia care services Dorson provides, please call our West Orange, NJ office at 973.672.7691 or fill out the contact form below.

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