Baby Care Services

Dorson Baby Care provides mothers and families with in-home support and newborn care post childbirth.  This includes providing mothers with a doula or baby nurse.  


Many pregnant women, especially those giving birth for the first time, opt to hire a birth doula, who offers prenatal education and emotional support. She is not a medical professional but is well-trained and knowledgeable in the protocol for childbirth. She is a liaison between the medical practitioners and the expectant mother.


Once the baby comes home, a baby nurse can help establish a bedtime routine, organize the nursery, help with feedings, and make sure you’re nourished and comfy in the first few days you’re home from the hospital. A baby nurse can also show you how to deal with common issues like colic, gas and excessive crying, which can be stressful for a new mom.

We can provide the following services:

  • Non-bed Rest Wellness Visits

  • Birth Doula/Birth Nurse Services

  • The Birth Support Kit

  • Natural and Organic Aroma Therapy Products for Mom and Babies

  • Maternity and Woman-Centered Seminars and Webinars

  • Live-In and Live-Out Baby Nurses

  • Full-time, Part time and 24 Hour Services

  • Hourly and Daily Services

  • Temporary, Occasional and Ongoing Care


Our Baby Care service area includes: 

  • Bergen

  • Essex 

  • Hudson 

  • Middlesex

  • Morris 

  • Passaic 

  • Somerset  


Dorson Home Care, Inc. is fully licensed by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and is accredited by PCS & Skilled Services. To learn more about the dementia care services Dorson provides, please call our West Orange, NJ office at 973.672.7691 or fill out the contact form below.