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Reverse Mortgages – Everything you need to know

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NJ Caregivers Coalition
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“Pathways for Caregivers” Guide
United Way Caregivers Coalition has produced its first regional edition of the award-winning, comprehensive caregiving guide – “Pathways for Caregivers.”
Caregivers credit this guide as a lifeline. It is a one-of-a-kind resource full of information, advice, and ideas about how to get the support caregivers need for their caregiving journey. It includes separate sections on caring for loved ones who are aging, have disabilities, or mental health issues. There is also information about veterans’ services.
While written to assist caregivers in our northern New Jersey region, much of the contents are applicable to caregivers all throughout New Jersey and beyond. United Way is thrilled to provide this support at no cost to caregivers, their families, and those who work with caregivers.
Click on the links below to download an electronic copy:

PDF Pathways for Caregivers Introduction & Table of Contents
PDF Section A: Caregiving for an Aging Loved One
PDF Section B: Caregiving for a Loved One with a Disability
PDF Section C: Caregiving for a Loved One with Mental Illness
PDF Section D: Information for All Caregivers
PDF Appendices

To obtain a printed version of this guide, please call 888.33UWCARES (888.338.9227).
“Pathways” Toolbox
PDF Important Contact Information
PDF Creating Personal & Professional Directories
PDF Your Four Most Important Documents
PDF Locating Important Documents & Information
PDF Glossary of Key Legal Terms

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