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Paying for Private Care

Making The Most Of Savings & Pensions

For individuals without Veterans benefits or long-term care insurance, private payment is very often the only option initially available when it comes to covering the cost of essential home care. Though not ideal, in addition to Social Security benefits and private pensions, drawing on savings is sometimes the most immediate means of covering the expense of in-home care.

Since most assistance programs determine eligibility based on an individual’s resources, the amount of monetary assistance available is often inversely proportionate to an individual’s resources. As resources like savings, pensions and other resources diminish, the amount of available care assistance options increases dramatically.

In the meantime, it may be necessary to ask members of the family to contribute to your loved one’s home care costs.

Frequently Asked Questions on Paying for Non-Medical In-Home Care

How do I get billed for services?

You would get billed on a monthly or Bi weely basis for the hours or days your loved ones were cared for. A 1 month deposit is required. If you were not to used the entire month or less hours then you would be reimbursed the difference immediately.

Can I pay for care online?

Yes, we do have online payment options. Call your local office to inquire about the payment options available to you.

Do you take insurance or Medicaid?

We do accept most long term care insurance plans. It is best to contact Dorson Home Care to find out if your long term care insurance plan is accepted. In most cases Private Home Care is paid for out of pocket.

Do I need to sign a contract with Dorson Home Care if I need care for myself or a loved one?

You would sign a non-binding service agreement (non-binding meaning the agreement has no set time period). For example, care could be for one day or for months at a time. The contract is valid for 6 months, but you don’t need to start care immediately after signing. Signing the contract is simply a guarantee that the office referral fees will be paid once care begins.

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