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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – Our Clients Say it Best!

Dorson Home Care takes pride in providing patients and families throughout New Jersey with highly qualified, clinically trained staff who provide compassionate care rooted in understanding and empathy. Discover what some of our clients are saying:

“For the past two years, I have been working as a home health for Dorson Home Care. The day I walked into the Dorson Home Care office, my life changed completely. I was placed with the most “Beautiful” client, now 83 years old, by the name of Rose M. Weber. Though I was told that she had “Alzheimer’s”, I knew this was the place I needed to be. When I first started working with Rose, she walked with a cane and would often sit and in confusion. I then began my journey, as I worked with Rose frequently asking her questions about her past and often jogging her memory. I soon became familiar with her likes and dislikes and it was then I saw a chance for change. Today, Rose no longer walks with a cane! And, when in a public setting, shows no sign of any mental challenges. She loves the outdoors and good food, long drives and listening to old music “as myself” and loves going to church and enjoys dancing. She is more than a client. She shows me love and much respect and often tells me she loves me. With time, patience and one on one patient care, Rose has blossomed. I thank God every day for the improvements accomplished in Rose. Thank you Dorson Home Care!!!” ~ Debra H. (Caregiver)


Debi H. has developed a wonderful connection with my mother, Rose Weber, and takes excellent care of her daily needs. She is also very good at being in tune to her feelings and as a result, my mother is mostly peaceful and content, which is unusual for Alzheimer’s victims”.
~ Patrice M. (Client’s Daughter)


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