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Case Management

Dorson Home Care understand the difficulties families and institutions face when developing a care plan for their loved ones and/or client base. We are pleased to offer a dedicated case manager that can help develop a plan that best reflects the need of both the individual and their family. Areas that are case managers oversee include:

Assessments/Case Identification and Selection

The first step in our case management process is to appraise the need for intervention by the case manager through gathering a critical, objective evaluation of relevant data.

Problem Identification

Utilizing objective data gathered through careful assessment and examination of the potential for effective intervention, the case manager selects a caseload reflecting practice patterns and trends wherein client outcomes can be positively influenced.


Dorson’s case management plan identifies immediate, short term, and ongoing needs as well as where and how these case needs can be met. The case management plan sets goals and time frames for achieved goals that are appropriate to the individual and his/her family and agreed to by the client/family and treatment team, and assures that funding and/or community resources are available to implement the plan.


Our Case Manager employs a method of checking, regulating, and documenting the quality of care, services, and products delivered to the client to determine if the goals of the care plan are being achieved, or if those goals remain appropriate and realistic.


The Case Manager employs a methodology designed to measure the client’s response to the healthcare services and products being delivered, while also measuring the effectiveness/necessity/efficacy of the care plan itself, and the quality of the services and products from the providers


Our Case Manager has a goal-directed process. That identifies and coordinates changes in practice patterns and treatment plans to bring about appropriate case and cost-effective outcomes.

Because of the broad needs of our healthcare system, the profession has specialized in order to accommodate the needs of a diverse population of patients and their conditions. Our Case Managers work in diverse settings and handle cases such as Mental Health, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Home Health Agencies, Rehab Facilities, etc.

Our Case Manager role tends to emphasize different aspects of Patient care management depending on whether the referral comes from (Home Health Agency, Nursing Home) and/or a Payor (Insurance Company) where Utilization Review for example plays a much more dominant role when authorizing services.

Regardless of this fact, the main role is one of advocacy and commitment to manage not only the clinical but many times the social aspects of the case. They are an incredible source of information and support to families and caregivers.

Our Case Managers are vital members of the Medical community, and as such will continue to be in high demand. As our National Healthcare needs continue to exert a tremendous amount of pressure in navigating the already treacherous waters of Quality vs. Cost effectiveness, Dorson Case Managers will be in a very unique position to help make a difference for those that matter most – patients and their families.

Our Home Health Care service area includes: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic and Somerset counties in New Jersey. This includes the towns of Cedar Grove, Chatham, Clifton, Edison, Livingston, Montclair, and Morristown.

Our case management service is also available to family members who reside out of state but wish to develop a plan for a loved on living in our home health care service area. To learn more about our Case Management/Planning service, please click here or call our West Orange, NJ office at: 973.672.7691. Dorson Home Care, Inc. is fully licensed by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and is accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Home Care (CAHC) for PCS and Skilled Services Only.

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